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W10247306 Washer Water Valve for Whirlpool Maytag

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  • Part number W10247306
  • Replaces: W10239900, W10247306, W10513404, WPW10247306
  • Compatible with specific Whirlpool washer models

Fits Models:
7MMHW7000YG0, 7MMHW7000YW0, MHW7000XG0, MHW7000XG1, MHW7000XG2, MHW7000XR0, MHW7000XR1, MHW7000XR2, MHW7000XW0, MHW7000XW1, MHW7000XW2, MHW8000AG0, MHW8000AW0, MHW8100DC0, MHW8100DW0, MHW8150EC0, MHW8150EW0, MHW8200FC0, MHW8200FW0, MHW9000YG0, MHW9000YR0, MHW9000YW0, MHWE550WJ00, MHWE550WJ01, MHWE550WR00, MHWE550WR01, MHWE550WW00, MHWE550WW01, MHWE950WJ02, MHWE950WR02, MHWE950WW00, MHWE950WW01, MHWE950WW02, 7MWFW95HEYL0, 7MWFW97HDBD0, WFL98HEBU0, WFW9290FBD0, WFW9290FC0, WFW9290FW0, WFW92HEFBD0, WFW92HEFC0, WFW92HEFU0, WFW92HEFW0, WFW9500TC03, WFW9500TW03, WFW9550WL10, WFW9550WW10, WFW95HEXL0, WFW95HEXL1, WFW95HEXL2, WFW95HEXR0, WFW95HEXR1, WFW95HEXR2, WFW95HEXW0, WFW95HEXW1, WFW95HEXW2, WFW9630YL00, WFW9630YW00, WFW9640XW00, WFW96HEAC0, WFW96HEAU0, WFW96HEAW0, WFW9750WL00, WFW9750WL01, WFW9750WL02, WFW9750WR00, WFW9750WR01, WFW9750WR02, WFW9750WW00, WFW9750WW01, WFW9750WW02, WFW97HEDBD0, WFW97HEDC0, WFW97HEDU0, WFW97HEDW0, WFW97HEXL0, WFW97HEXL1, WFW97HEXL2, WFW97HEXL3, WFW97HEXR0, WFW97HEXR1, WFW97HEXR2, WFW97HEXR3, WFW97HEXW0, WFW97HEXW1, WFW97HEXW2, WFW97HEXW3


1 Year Warranty