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02527773700 OEM Gas Furnace Flame Sensor Rod York Luxaire Tempstar 025-27773-000 S1-02527773700

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  • Part Number: 02527773700

  • EAN: 703805052501

  • Made by original equipment manufacturer (OEM Part)

Fits various York models:

    D2GA018N03206B, P2UDD10N05701A, PBKM-LD12N060E, PBKMLD12N060E, PACELD16N120A, PCMU-LD12N095B, CGU09516, G5RA096-C-16, G1N80AR075D12A-1A, P1CCD12N06101A, P1CCD12N06101B, P1CCD12N06101C, P1CCD12N06101D, G4RA072C-12, P2MPD12N06401B, PBKDLD10N060A, P2MPD16N06401A, P2MPD16H06401A, P3HUA12N04801A, P3HUA12N04801C, P3CCD12N06101A, P2UDD16P11401C, P2MPD08N04801B, G8T10020UHC11A, PBNU-LD12P080A, PBNULD12P080A, PCDFALD12N080B, P3UCD08N06101A, PBKM-LD20N140E, PBKMLD20N140E, PBKM-LD12N060E, PBKMLD12N060E, PBKM-LD12NO60E, PCMD-LD12L076B, PCMDLD12L076B, PCM0-L012N076B, PCMO-L012N076B, G1N80BU075D12A, RGU80A75D10-3A, RGU80A1000D14-3A, RGU80A100D143A


    1 Year Warranty